SAILIN: Systems Assurance and
Integrity Lab of INdiana

Conference Papers

ReCon: From the Bitstream to Piracy Detection

By Grant Skipper, Christopher Sozio, Adam Duncan, Andrew Lukefahr, and Martin Swany.
In 2020 IEEE International Conference on Physical Assurance and Inspection of Electronics (PAINE). 2020.

SeRFI: Secure Remote FPGA Initialization in an Untrusted Environment

By A. Duncan, A. Nahiyan, F. Rahman, G. Skipper, M. Swany, Andrew Lukefahr, F. Farahmandi, and M. Tehranipoor.
In 2020 IEEE 38th VLSI Test Symposium (VTS), volume, 1–6. 2020.

FPGA Bitstream Security: A Day in the Life

By A. Duncan, F. Rahman, Andrew Lukefahr, F. Farahmandi, and M. Tehranipoor.
In 2019 IEEE International Test Conference (ITC), volume, 1–10. 2019.
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FLATS: Filling Logic and Testing Spatially for FPGA Authentication and Tamper Detection

By Adam Duncan, Grant Skipper, Andrew Stern, Adib Nahiyan, Fahim Rahman, Andrew Lukefahr, Mark Tehranipoor, and Martin Swany.
In 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST), 81–90. IEEE, 2019.
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